'Batman Live' blows away fans, contest winner

Since I was a kid, Batman has always been my favorite superhero.

From his horrific and sad beginning as a witness to his parents’ murder to his justice-driven lifetime goal of ridding Gotham City of villains, Batman always has been a different kind of superhero.

Just like Batman himself, “Batman Live: World Arena Tour” is a different kind of stage production.

When I went to see “Batman Live,” I had very high expectations. Without a doubt, “Batman Live” is one of the most involved, elaborate and exciting stage productions I have seen at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum yet. (To see a full review of the show, check out News-Sentinel contributor James Grant’s story here.)

The atmosphere was almost as interesting as the show! The arena was packed full of people, many of whom were decked out with their favorite Batman gear such as Batman masks or the iconic Batman logo T-shirt. I even saw some full-fledged costumes fans must have been saving from a previous Halloween.

Either way, Tuesday night at the Coliseum was a Batman fan’s heaven.

I wasn’t the only one who was excited about the show. During FortWayne.com’s four-day “Batman Live” VIP ticket giveaway, we saw nearly 150 contest submissions. But there was only one winner – Melissa Blume of Fort Wayne

Melissa, her husband Travis and 6-year-old daughter Mackenzie sat near the front row watching with amazement as Batman and other characters fly just above their heads.

The flying acrobats, character costumes and the comic book movie screen was Mackenzie’s favorite part of the show. Well, that is, until she met Batman and Robin backstage.

Melissa had one thing to say to people attending the show Wednesday, “Be prepared. Be prepared for a really fun time.”

Whether you’re a hardcore Batman fan or someone looking for an acrobatic-filled evening of entertainment, “Batman Live” is the show to see. The best part is you still have time to see the show!

To find tickets to the next “Batman Live” show visit the Coliseum’s website.

If you want a sneak peek preview of the show, check out our "Batman Live" photo gallery here.