Why Eurogames beat Monopoly every time

At last, we’re finally going to dive into the realm of designer board games. It was a long time coming, but we’re here. Thanks for sticking with me.

So, with that introduction out of the way, let’s talk about chocolate.

Even though I’m sure most of us agree on how awesome chocolate is in general, when you get down to specifics, things get chocolatey in very different ways.

German chocolate isn’t the same as American chocolate, and both of them are different than English chocolate. And let’s not even start to bring Swiss chocolate into this.

You Write It! -- Flowers

What's this photo saying? You Write It!

Why Monopoly sucks for family game nights

A few weeks ago, we started chatting about how to pick the perfect game for your family. I outlined several key things to look for when considering a new game, and we talked about each one in turn.

And then… well… I got side-tracked.

What multitaskers won't tell you about family time

Let’s do an experiment this week.

Get out a piece of paper and something to write with. Got it? Cool.

I want you to focus for a few minutes and read this article straight through, beginning to end. Every time you get interrupted or distracted by anything -- phones, email, people, TV show, radio ad or an overwhelming urge to check some web site -- make a quick note of it. I think the results will surprise you.

Now, on to today’s main points...

Fun by the minute: Secrets of playing time


There’s never enough, but there’s always some. You get it, but you can’t keep it. (Well, not unless you buy a subscription and a bunch of storage binders, that is.)

When it comes to connecting with your kids, time really is a key element. A bunch of other things are important too -- focus, attention and activities come to mind first -- but time connects all of them.

Without time, you don’t connect. Period.

Gen Con game fair this weekend

Sunday's To Do list:

* Fly an X-Wing fighter into battle against Imperial TIEs.
* Defeat the supervillains and rescue the city.
* Think of three ways you can use a toothbrush for something other than brushing teeth.
* Spend the day with the family and have a blast.

Sound like a good time? You can do it all this Sunday with a trip to Family Day at the Gen Con game fair in Indianapolis.  

Feeling strategic or lucky tonight?

Last week, we finally broke out the board games! We talked about three types of competition you’ll find in modern board games, and how each type of competition affects the way games work in your family.

As promised, this week we’ll focus on the balance of luck and strategy, which is the second item in ‘Things You Need to Know about a Board Game.’

Four secret keys to finding a family game

This week, we’re going to talk about family board games. Finally.

And that’s why I brought my tool box.

We aren’t going to marvel at their artwork or theme. Instead, we’re going pop the hood on these little guys and dig around in their innards for a look at what makes them tick.

But this isn’t an exercise in academic geekyness. I want to make you a smart game shopper.

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You Write It! -- Unicycle

What's this photo saying? You Write It!