'Batman Live' blows away fans, contest winner

Since I was a kid, Batman has always been my favorite superhero.

From his horrific and sad beginning as a witness to his parents’ murder to his justice-driven lifetime goal of ridding Gotham City of villains, Batman always has been a different kind of superhero.

Fort Wayne small businesses vie for $250,000 grant from 'Mission: Small Business'

Being a small business in the aftermath of a recession can be hard on a community, but now a handful of local businesses, ranging from yoga to food-delivery, are asking Fort Wayne residents for help by June 30.

Getting fit in Fort Wayne

With the recent reports labeling Allen County the 35th healthiest county in the state, I began to think what resources area residents have to get fit in Fort Wayne. 

Honey on the Table great service, Mom-approved

After an early morning call the day before I was to visit my parents at my childhood home in Elkhart, my Mom just had one request for a special Sunday breakfast – brioche bread.

Let me tell you, the search was much more difficult than I had first imagined. 

Fort Wayne is a big town with many local bakeries, but I was having trouble finding the mysterious, French pastry known for its rich egg-and-butter content.

Active 20-30 makes a difference in the lives of Fort Wayne children, members

It was his first time on the ice rink. Michael Shively, a tall young man with lanky limbs, was awkwardly trying to get his footing on the ice rink at Lutheran Health SportsCenter.

A confident 12-year-old boy skated up to Shively, his balding head evidence of recent cancer treatments, and began playfully heckling him. Then, before Shively knew it, he was learning how to ice skate from a 12-year-old cancer patient at a Christmas party hosted by Active 20-30.

Downtown Fort Wayne continues to beautify, grow

Updated on Feb. 21: Groundhog Open organizers said they raised $17,000.

Whether on our way to work or stopping at a downtown restaurant for a bite, most of us have passed the large flowerpots on Calhoun Street. These flowerpots shouldn't be taken for granted; they are a significant, and surprisingly expensive, part of downtown beautification.

Peace Frog Coffeehouse offers fresh coffee, late hours

After a stint in New York City  and later working on Wall Street, Blake Branning, owner of Peace Frog Coffeehouse, decided to return to his hometown of Fort Wayne to open a coffee shop with his girlfriend, Valeen Tout.

Nearly one year into business, Branning said opening Peace Frog Coffeehouse, 1522 W. Main St., last April was one of the best choices he has made.

Give vinyl records a try at Neat, Neat, Neat Records and Music

Neat, Neat, Neat Records and Music is Mecca for the music enthusiast. I’m not talking about the regular ol’ Taylor Swift-lover or Lady Gaga-freak. I’m talking about the rare Alkaline Trio vinyl collector or the person who wants the new Black Keys “El Comino” vinyl with bonus CD.

Neat, Neat, Neat Records and Music, 1836 S. Calhoun St., is bringing vinyl back in a hip, affordable and modern way.

It's time to hear from you

When I launched this blog three months ago, I wanted to find out more about Fort Wayne and share the hidden gems I found in the city.

Travel back in time with the Pio Market II

When you walk into the Pio Market II, 1225 E. State Blvd., it’s as if you are stepping back in time into a neighborhood grocery store. It’s something I’ve only seen in movies — a local grocery where the grocer knows his customers by name, the ground beef and sausage is homemade everyday and kids stop in after school for candy.

The Pio Market II is a neighborhood grocery store that supplies Fort Wayne with everything from bottled Coca-Cola, and local meat, to produce and candy.